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2021: Volume 1, Issue 1

Formulas for Determining Ideal Weight and Its Relationship to the Body Mass Index in Adults

Gerardo Jose Bauce1*, Mary Zulay Moya-Sifontes2

1School of Nutrition and Dietetics. Faculty of Medicine. Central University of Venezuela

2School of Nutrition and Dietetics. Faculty of Medicine. Central University of Venezuela

Corresponding author: Gerardo Jose Bauce, Master in Management. Professor of Statistics. School of Nutrition and Dietetics. Faculty of Medicine. Central University of Venezuela. Email: [email protected]; Telephone: 0412-5733044.

Received: November 05, 2021

Published: November 30, 2021


Objective: Compare five ideal weight calculation formulas, to suggest using one of them, as a complementary measure to evaluate Overweight and Obesity.
Methods: Descriptive, prospective, correlate and analytical study. Sample consisting of 519 adults of both sexes, between 20 and 65 years old. The study was reported and requested consent, according to the WMA, Helsinki statement. Formulas: Broca, Lorenz, Perrault, Ramírez-López et al., and Wan der Vael; descriptive measures, association, correlation and comparison of means were identified.
Results: the formulas differ in averages, are significant by sex for Lorenz, Ramírez-Lopez and Wan der Vael; percentages by category are high in Moderate Malnutrition (55.1%) overweight bass (3.3%) obesity (3.1%), however for standardized values are lower in Moderate Malnutrition (14.3%), high in Normality (68.2%) moderate in overweight (13.9%) Obesity (3.5%). BMI has moderate values for Normality (36.4%), very high for overweight (34.7%) obesity (25.0%), with the original values, while with the standardized values the percentages are Normal (71.1%), Overweight (11.2%) Obesity (4.1%). BMI category averages behave similarly for all five IP formulas, and are lower in Obesity. In terms of percentiles, the five formulas behave very similarly. Conclusion: Ideal Weight can be considered as a complementary measure to classify people into Overweight and Obesity, particularly standardized values; correlates with Size and Weight and are associated with BMI (p<0.000).

 Keywords: Formulas, Ideal Weight, Real Weight, Body Mass Index, Overweight, Obesity, Sensitivity

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